Alexander Kiriyatskiy
Composer Benjamin ( Veniamïn / Benomen / ) Khaèt
Musical compositions


Alexander Kiriyatskiy

    This site shows the notes of 27 musical works written by the composer Khaèt Benjamin (Veniamïn) on 4034 pages. In the Internet, their publication is supported through their music in Youtube and  in Google: video and WAVE of 5 hours 48 minutes. These offer the first 3rd part of the classical legacy bythe same composer. Why is possible to listen his music with the quality studio? Realtek : W8 - W10 .

                              Fairy tale (score: 43 p., parts: 56 p.)
                              Jupiter laughs (score and parts: 119 pages)
                              Uriel da Costa (score and parts: 107 pages)
                              Fantasies (score and parts: 57 pages)
                              Spanish dance (score and parts: 53 pages)
                              The Lullaby (score and parts: 21 pages)
                              Quartet (score and parts: 26 pages)
                              Rhythms of steppe (score and parts: 30 pages)
                              Love Wheat's (score and parts: 59 pages)
                              Alarm I (score and parts: 59 pages)
                              Alarm II (score and parts: 120 pages)
                              Alarm III (score and parts: 117 pages)
                              Modernism (score and parts: 26 pages)
                              One curious accident - first act (score) : 265 p.)
                              One curious accident - first act (parts) : 357 p.)
                              One curious accident - second act (sc.) : 170 p.)
                              Allegro molto (score and parts: 44 pages)
                              Fancy shade (score and parts: 27 pages)
                              Vassilissa the Beautiful (sc.: 127 p., parts: 213 p.)
                              Capriccio jewish (score and parts: 149 pages)
                              Sultan and servant (score and parts: 66 p.)
                              Detective (score and parts: 58 pages)
                              Concert for piano and orchestra (score: 125 p.,
                              klavier: 41 pages, parts: 63 pages)
                              For 4 altos (score and parts: 61 pages)
                              Life in force (score: 131 pages, parts: 263 p.)

                              The Inevitability (score: 87 pages)
                              Ballade for piano and cello (sc. and part: 33 p.)
                              Sonatines (klavier: 12 pages)
                              Peter I (score: 130 p., parts: 247 p.)
                              Great circle (score: 145 p., parts: 237 p.)
                              Sinfonietta (score: 24 p., parts: 84 pages)

                                       All together - 4034 pages

    In Windows 8-10, use the following directives - Sound: Improvements: immediate Mode should be enabled: Environment, Transposition, Equalizer, Equalization Loundness. Cancellation of the voice (desabled). In Realtek - Environment - Setting: None. Insert the audio driver HD Realtek: speaker Configuration: front left and front right (disabled). Virtual Surround (enabled for video like Youtube). Virtual Surround (disabled for WAVE audio like Soundcloud). Default format: 24 bit, 192 000 Hz (quality studio). For Windows 7: Its Reading: Headphones - Default device: Properties: Booster basic disabled. Equalization sound level (enabled). Parameters: Frequency: 83 Hz, the Level of the super amplifer. Advanced statistics: 2 - Channel, 24 bit, 192 000 Hz (studio Quality). Playlists in Wave for 348 minutes of these same 15 albums B.Khaèt’s in Bing.